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Electric Cargo Tricycle 1000w Motor 50-60km

Electric Cargo Tricycle 1000w Motor 50-60km

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Transporting Goods And Materials With Ease!

Featuring Stronger load-bearing, longer endurance, better climbing capability !

This tricycle is a reliable choice for commercial deliveries, urban logistics, and personal use


LONG BATTERY LIFE: The premium battery features excellent discharge performance and strong charging acceptance capability, resulting in an extended cycle life. It offers an extended range of 50-60km. With a single charge, you can cover significant distances.

POWERFUL MOTOR: The differential motor delivers strong and efficient power. With minimal noise and low energy consumption, it provides smooth and reliable propulsion

DUAL SUSPENSION: Featuring front hydraulic suspension and rear steel plate suspension, the tricycle offers double shock absorption. This provides enhanced comfort during rides, while also increasing the cargo-carrying capacity and stability.

RESPONSIVE BRAKING: The tricycle combines front and rear brakes for efficient and smooth stopping ,ensuring safety in emergency situations.

STABILITY AND SAFETY: The tricycle is crafted with a sturdy frame and stable design, ensuring reliable control and maneuverability even when carrying heavy loads. It provides a smooth and stable ride, allowing you to navigate through crowded streets, narrow pathways.

VARIABLE SPEEDS: The tricycle offers high and low gear options. The quick gear setting allows for effortless uphill rides, enhancing the overall performance and versatility of the tricycle.



Motor power: 1000W

Charging Time: 6-8 Hours

Controller: 18 tubes

Brake type: Drum brake

Load capacity: 1000kg

Driving Mileage: 50-70 km (30-45 Miles), Dependent upon speed, rider/cargo weight, terrain & weather

Certification CCC/ ISO 9001

Cabin Size:1.5*1m

Overall Length: 2.9m


1 * Electric Cargo Tricycle 1000w Motor 50-60km


Familiarize yourself with local regulations and laws regarding the use of electric cargo tricycles in your area.

This product is shipped in sturdy cardboard boxes with reinforced iron frames, ensuring secure transportation and delivery.

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